Hi everyone,

Here’s a second post today. I didn’t realize that Kathy Temean’s feature of AND THE BULLFROGS SING went up today on her site at

It’ a lovely interview/article about the journey my new frog book took from concept to reality and introduces anyone who might know her to Kate Cosgrove, the gifted artist on the book. It also takes you to a new interview elsewhere with Kate so you can learn more about her.

AND, if you follow Kathy’s suggestions, you might be the one who wins a free signed copy of AND THE BULLFROGS SING.

Please take a minute to visit Kathy’s site and leave a comment if you’d like to have your name in the hat for the drawing.

Last chance to surprise your fans

Hi everyone,

My thanks to everyone for the many good poems this month. At last count we had 45 poems and comments under Adult W.O.M. Poems and another 13 under Young Poets W.O.M. Poems, plus those that were posted on the blog page itself. Way to go!

A special thanks to the young poets who surprised us this month by joining the fun with their own original poems. That was a special highlight for April. We hope to hear from them and other students again this and other months to come.

If you have been holding back all month telling yourself you’ll get around to writing a poem inspired by our April word, SURPRISE, today is your last chance! Let’s hear from you. If you work better under pressure, here’s your opportunity to show it.

Tomorrow the April word and all those glittering poems and words of cheer come down to make way for the word for May. Another month, another clean slate to write on. Can’t wait!

Wonderful weekend wonderful week

Hi everyone,

Over the weekend we had a good visit with friends from Colorado, Su and Danny Hutchens. Yesterday we all drove to Mansfield and toured the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum. Almost the first things we saw were a sculpture and a painting on display by Cheryl Harness. Bill Anderson was in town for first ever children’s literature festival and other Wilder business. Got to meet Bill’s brother Jim Anderson and also was introduced to Christopher Radko, creator of the Christopher Radko line of Christmas ornaments.

Now I see a clear week without a single meeting or appointment scheduled during my working time. This is rare and I look forward to making things happen this week. All day every day it’s onward and upward!

A poem for the picture

Hi everyone,

The picture of me with my first fish, which I posted yesterday on Facebook, reminded me of the poem I wrote for CONNECTING DOTS, POEMS OF MY JOURNEY, Boyds Mills Press, 2004, inspired by that picture and memory. Here they are together.


Hidden in the mountains, fed by snow,
The lake was small. We stayed there every year
And got to know our neighbors camping near
In tents like toadstools growing in a row.

I found a secret pool, a little nook
Where I could lie and watch the fish below
But no amount of coaxing made them go
For worms, or bits of bacon on my hook.

At last a fish too hungry to be wise
Took my bait so hard its body shook.
“A fish!” I cried. “Big enough to cook!”
I held it high to show its mighty size.

Even though the lake is far away
I remember posing with my prize
And grinning at our neighbors’ happy cries
Just as though it happened yesterday.

I’ve caught some bigger fish but this is clear,
They’ll never match the thrill I felt that day.
No matter what those larger trophies weigh
The first fish will always be most dear.

(c) 2004 David L. Harrison, all rights reserved

A nice list of poetry titles

Hi everyone,

Highlights for Children has compiled and published a list of 19 poetry titles in honor of Poetry Month. Here’s the link if you are interested.
Some mighty fine poets are represented. Highlights and Boyds Mills Press also posted on Twitter and Facebook Wednesday.