And the tax man cometh

Hi everyone,
The sun across Goose Lake the other morning was surprising, so in keeping with the word of the month I wanted to show it to you.

At 2:00 Sandy and I meet with our accountant to deliver records for our 2018 taxes. Running behind as always because we never get started until after we finish goo foffing. It’s tradition. I also need to work on our financials, another hateful annual chore. I know such things are necessary, and I accept that, but man or man would I rather write!

Our good buddies Larry and Maryann Wakefield are coming over for dinner so that will be a highlight. This will be the first time this year I’ve used the grill or turned on the fire pit. The weather has warmed up enough to try both.

I’m happy to report that the video session went well yesterday. Got all four done in under thirty minutes, thanks to all that wonderful help at the library. If there is anyone out there who still thinks our public libraries are merely stacks of books, they need to stop by their own library one of these days and look around. The services provided are amazing!