Like sprinting a mile

Hi everyone,

Now that I’m finally into doing my parts of the new collaboration with Laura Robb, I’m into a phase that will require me to write a poem or essay on a different subject every day for the next twenty days. It will be like sprinting a mile. During this initial phase I’ll lay most other projects aside (except for the work with Mary Jo Fresch) and stay focused on what I have to do. Can I meet the goal? I’ll give it my best. Wish me luck.

Are you going to write a poem this month or not?

Hi everyone,

30 days down, 1 to go for anyone who still plans to post a poem inspired by this month’s word: JOKE.
So far we’ve enjoyed the work of Jeanne Poland, Linda Boyden, Janine Clark-Barry, Cory Corrado, Jane Heitman Healy, Don Barrett, Bryn Strudwick, Karen Eastlund, Jane Yolen, and Cheryl Harness. Have I missed anyone?

The frogs are off and hopping

Hi everyone,

I just checked the status on Amazon for AND THE BULLFROGS SING and am pleased that after a week it’s still ranked the #1 New Release in Children’s Reptile & Amphibian Books, #57 in Children’s Frog & Toad Books, and #87 in Children’s Reptile & Amphibian Books. Soon I hope to see some reader reviews start popping up. Publishers Weekly and Kirkus like it so that’s a good sign.

Thinking about you today

Hi everyone,

I’m in a reflective mood this morning, thinking how much I know about the lives of a lot of people, thanks to the magic of the Internet. I routinely exchange notes with those who are kind enough to drop by my blog and comment on the posts. Some days my Facebook posts draw dozens or even hundreds of reactions from mere “likes” to supportive comments. And in the mix I learn bits and pieces about those correspondents. I know when someone went camping and got sunburned, when someone is fighting cancer, has won some special recognition, lost a mate or a pet. I know when many of you travel or have surgery or retire or read a book you recommend. I read about your political concerns, your pride in a son who has gone from kindergarten through high school and never missed a day. Some of you voice your frustrations about life, your love of life, your questions about life, your loneliness, your joy.

I never expected to develop so many interesting, rewarding, informative, warm, genuine relationships when I set out in 2009 to develop a website and blog and learn to use Facebook. For all the problems we experience with technology, the probing of Facebook, the loss of privacy, the sometimes overwhelming tide of unwanted trash and spam and hacking attacks, a growing number of people find themselves connected in human ways to people across the country and around the world.

I’m grateful to be part of this kind of communication. Keeping up takes too much time, at least an hour or two most days, yet I know I would have a hard time walking away from it. So thanks for being out there on the other end. Whatever you are doing right now, I wish you well.

The week ahead

Hi everyone,

Several irons in the fire this week. Reconsidering how to market one manuscript. Waiting with crossed fingers to hear back from an editor who was taking a new nonfiction picture book manuscript to committee last Friday. Skype talks with two co-authors about our projects. Lunch with another author for book talk.

I’ve pinned down a school family night for October 14 and a children’s lit fest on October 15. Now I need to arrange to meet editors in NYC on October 16.

Yesterday I was sent a link to an article in NAPDS (National Association for Professional Development Schools) called “Promoting Family Involvement and the Love of Reading Through an Author Visit.” It’s written by Kathy Post, Title I Coordinator and Angela Danley, Associate Professor of Elementary Education at University of Central Missouri about my family night presentation followed by a school visit to Crest Ridge Elementary in Centerview, Missouri last fall.