Dumpster diving in the basement

Hi everyone,

I just found a second idea I want to write about tucked away in the boxes of old manuscripts and correspondence. This is like treasure hunting. The first idea was an old manuscript that had been turned down because the publisher dropped plans for a new line of oversize children’s books. That was in another country 31 years ago. Apparently I never sent it to anyone else. I can’t even find a note about it in my record book. It definitely needs shortening and revising but the basic idea still seems sound and I intend to give it another try.

This second one is only a four-word note at the bottom of a page that lists fourteen four-word ideas. Looking back, I see that I eventually wrote books about seven of those ideas. I remember saving the best for last, but last never came. For reasons that escape me now I never got around to writing that last book on the list. Now I think I will.

Hooray for dumpster diving in the basement!