They are listening

Hi everyone,

Yesterday afternoon Sandy and I were in the kitchen. My phone was on the table between us as we talked. I said that next year I would like to consider finally taking that river boat cruise we’ve been “going to take” for years. It wouldn’t have to be in Europe. There are some good trips available on American rivers a lot closer to home.

Within three minutes my phone signaled an incoming email. It was from Europe River Cruise Packages.

At no time have I checked on river cruises within the past half year or more, probably closer to a year.

Later in the day we were in the living room. My phone was on a table between us next to our Alexa. The speaker’s light came on although we hadn’t addressed it. Seeing Alexa and the phone side by side suddenly seemed creepy. I shut off the speaker. Having two devices listening to our conversations was just too much.