Today’s the day

Hi everyone,

Today’s the day I celebrate AND THE BULLFROGS SING at two schools (Harrison and McBride) and conclude with a program this evening at The Library Center. I look forward to it all.

I’m also happy to report that we appear to have a self appointed watch-goose keeping an eye on things around the lake. It’s only the second time in almost thirty years of living here that I’ve seen a goose land on a roof. This adventuresome spirit is facing out toward the lake. Makes me want to imagine a dialogue with him or her in the next day or so.

10 comments on “Today’s the day

  1. Nicely done, Matt. Congrats, David, and I do think your goose dialogue could be your next picture book.

  2. Love the goose watchbird. When I lived in the Talisman Condos in KCMO, we had a watch-turkey-buzzard! He had a favorite spot on the roof of the building next to mine. We all hoped WE weren’t on his watch list! He was big!

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