Good week so far

Hi everyone,

It has been a good week so far. A productive conference call on Monday affirmed that a contract is in the works for a new book with Laura Robb. Once I get started working on my part I’ll be busy through much of the rest of the year.

Tuesday was the fun day of school visits and library party to celebrate the new frog book. One of the highlights was seeing Lisa Wise again. Lisa and her husband Jim live in Bentonville, Arkansas and both participated in a poetry workshop I did for Highlights in Honesdale a few years ago. Lisa made the 4 hour 20 minute trip to hear me do the school visits and then drove home. My thanks to Lisa.

Yesterday I finished selecting and cataloguing the drafts, manuscripts, notes, and correspondence for more than forty books, speeches, and articles I’m loaning to Myer Library at Missouri State University in Springfield. One of the prizes I uncovered was a long story I wrote thirty years ago, couldn’t sell, and filed under “Losers.” Times have changed since then. Hmmm.

Also I moved one step closer to finishing a book I’m co-writing with Jane Yolen, and Mary Jo Fresch and I added an important new voice to the book we’re doing for NCTE.

Today I have a lunch meeting that promises to be interesting.

Tomorrow two of Sandy’s cousins are driving down from Kansas City for an overnight visit.

Saturday from 11:00 – 1:00 I’ll sign copies of AND THE BULLFROGS SING at Barnes & Noble.

This morning I plan to get back to work on a science picture book I started recently. I like the challenge of it. So far this week is not boring.