Goose Lake in bloom

Hi everyone,

Many thanks to all who signed my guest book yesterday on my website. I read and appreciated each one.

Like so many others, our yard is ablaze with color these days. I took these quick shot on an overcast day. I know I should have waited for more sun but around here we never know when the next hard wind and rain will come along and knock off the blossoms. Hope you enjoy these.

There are lots more.

9 comments on “Goose Lake in bloom

  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Around here, the flowering crabs are putting on quite a show–though it is 34 degrees here this a.m.! Happy Spring!

  2. Beautiful. It’s been cloudy and rainy here too. but we are at earlier stages with just the woodland wildflowers showing on the forest floor.

    • A friend of mine is a specialist in wildflowers tucked away among last year’s leaves on the forest floor. I love to walk with her and learn.

  3. Beautiful! We just planted a baby rose bush and are keeping our fingers crossed. It’s rose bush #2. The first one lived for 15 years but new landscaping did it in. The current spot has more sun and we’re told that roses like this love sun!

    • Good luck, Tina. It’s a mystery sometimes why healthy plants die. Over the winter we lost the largest tree in our back yard, a gorgeous maple that was nearly thirty years old and in perfect health last fall. We felt like crying. Not a leaf on it this year but the sap is still in the limbs. We’re going to leave it and hope for a miracle next year.

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