Off and hopping

Hi everyone,

AND THE BULLFROGS SING is off to a good start. As of this morning it ranks #30 among frog and toad books. This opening surge may not last but it’s fun for now. Of the 29 titles ahead of mine, all but five are fictionalized stories, including a good many FROG AND TOAD books by Arnold Lobel, so I’m happy about the early running of my science-based telling of the life cycle of bullfrogs. That’s a good sign that informational books on this subject may be hard to find. I’m grateful to Grace Maccarone at Holiday House for working with me on this one and to artist Kate Cosgrove for making these frogs nearly hop off the pages into your lap.

To everyone who has been kind enough to post pictures and early news about receiving your books, thank you! As we all know, early hype makes a world of difference in how a book will eventually perform. Reviews from Kirkus and Publishers Weekly are helping, and I hope to see more professional as well as reader reviews begin to come in. It’s all a process and one must wait step by step for it all to happen.

Yesterday I finished a new science-based nonfiction book and sent it off to my agent. I also added some final requested tweaks to the manuscript of my next book, which will come out in spring 2020. It’s shaping up to be a beautiful book. Once again I’m being blessed with a splendid artist.

4 comments on “Off and hopping

    • Good morning, Jane. Many thanks. It’s fun to watch a book get started — assuming it’s a good start that is. (:>

  1. Huzzah for David
    (Rarely Dave)
    Our daily delights
    we never save

    But savor all,
    the lists and prizes.
    “No awards”
    would be surprises.

    Keep on writing,
    good old man,
    as fast as ever.


    • With thanks to Jane Y.

      The Bullfrogs Sing

      With rheumy eyes
      the old man tries
      to find a rhyme
      that might surprise,

      That might delight,
      inform, excite.
      He takes his time
      to get it right.

      His mind is numb,
      no rhyme will come,
      until at last
      he hears it – rumm!

      He has his thing –
      a bullfrog king.
      rumm rumm,
      the bullfrogs sing!

      (c) 2019 David L. Harrison and the bullfrogs

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