A “me” day

Hi everyone,

Sandy and I loved all the anniversary wishes we received yesterday here on the blog and on Facebook. Thank you for helping us celebrate our day.

Today is a free day. I don’t have many of them. Early in the week I finished and sent off a new manuscript. Monday I’ll Skype visit with Mary Jo Fresch about our book for NCTE and then I plan to get going on the book with Laura Robb for Corwin. Jane Yolen and I have work to do on our latest collaboration so that’s also on next week’s agenda.

But today I’m reserving for reflection, correspondence, puttering around the office, putting things away, and staying stress free. It has been a while since I’ve stayed still long enough to hear my muse. Today seems like a good time. I have plenty of ideas in the hopper. I want to listen to their possibilities and perhaps make a decision about what I might try next. I know I’m going to enjoy today.