The week ahead

Hi everyone,

Several irons in the fire this week. Reconsidering how to market one manuscript. Waiting with crossed fingers to hear back from an editor who was taking a new nonfiction picture book manuscript to committee last Friday. Skype talks with two co-authors about our projects. Lunch with another author for book talk.

I’ve pinned down a school family night for October 14 and a children’s lit fest on October 15. Now I need to arrange to meet editors in NYC on October 16.

Yesterday I was sent a link to an article in NAPDS (National Association for Professional Development Schools) called “Promoting Family Involvement and the Love of Reading Through an Author Visit.” It’s written by Kathy Post, Title I Coordinator and Angela Danley, Associate Professor of Elementary Education at University of Central Missouri about my family night presentation followed by a school visit to Crest Ridge Elementary in Centerview, Missouri last fall.