Goose Lake evenings

Hi everyone,

Many thanks for your kind words of support about AND THE BULLFROGS SING. With the return of warmer weather we’ve been sitting on the patio in the evenings and among the strongest voices in the Goose Lake choir are the bullfrogs thrumming away along the far banks. The past few nights have brought the first fireflies of the season. At twilight we occasionally watch bats darting overhead going about their bug reduction industry, and just at dusk the geese start their nightly promenade swimming slowly in single file up and down the lake. Last night I counted five strings of 5 to 20 birds. Only one made a sound. Their silent parades add a touch of serenity at the close of day.

2 comments on “Goose Lake evenings

  1. Thanks for the beautiful descriptions! I sure miss those blinking lightning bugs on a summer’s eve. Enjoy!

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