Okay, maybe this time!

Hi everyone,

Yesterday? When I said I was going to give my manuscript one final reading before sending it off? But that sometimes the last reading can lead to an entire reworking?

Well that’s what happened.

I read it (yep, Jane, aloud) and knew at once it wasn’t right. More honestly, it wasn’t different enough to stand out in the crowd.

I spent my writing day, nearly all seven hours of it, revising the voice and telling the story from a different perspective. I finished and liked the new version.

Bear in mind I liked the version before that, too, when I’d first finished it. The one before that also.

24 comments on “Okay, maybe this time!

  1. Revision

    I thought I was done.
    That I gave it a shot.
    I thought it terrific.
    Until it was not.

    I sat in a funk,
    and I cursed at my lot.
    Rewrote it much better.
    Until it was not.

    I wrote the next morning
    Until final dot.
    It really was super.
    Until it was not.

    The next day I wrote.
    I was eager and hot.
    My brain was on fire
    Until it was not.

    I think I’ll retire
    This difficult plot.
    Wait-now it is working.
    Until it is not.

    Etc. daily.
    The whole thing is rot.
    I think I’m a writer,
    Until I am NOT.

    With love to you, old guy,
    from much older gal.
    We may not write good
    But you’re always my pal.)

    ©2019 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

  2. The photos say it all!! Sorry…I had to laugh at the second one..very funny😂. If I could write half as well as you, I’d be happy!! 😁

    • Greetings, Jane Barnes, and thank you for joining us for the first time. Glad to have you. Thank you for your kind words. Sometimes I think I know what I’m doing, and sometimes I truly have to wonder.

  3. I think I will copy & post this for my inspiration, Jane. David, you are a lucky guy to have someone write poems for you! Best wishes for that manuscript, whatever one you love!

    • Yes, Linda! We can all use Jane’s poem as a reminder of what we are trying to do. What I imagine in my head is always better than how I translate it onto paper. Sometimes the difference between getting published and not lies in how close I can come to narrowing the gap. And yes, I consider myself blessed.

    • Good morning, Matt, and thank you. You’re absolutely right: the next version is bound to be even better. I finally decided (I think) (I hope) to abandon this piece so I can get on with my life. I can’t take the next bite unless I swallow this one.

  4. Oh my goodness! You, David Harrison, a well known published author have the same struggles as some of us newbies. Thanks so much for always sharing the true you. Your words inspire. And holy smokes, Jane’s poem is hilarious! Wishing you continued success 🙏🎉

    • Hello, Teresa, and welcome! I’m glad you joined us today as we whine and carry on about poor us. It helps, once in a while, to share the misery of having so much fun!

  5. A Writer’s Prayer

    I pick and I pluck
    At each little word.
    They all must be perfect!
    My voice must be heard!

    I’m such a great writer,
    (Or so I’ve been told).
    But poems are just words
    Until they are sold!

    So buckle down fingers
    And hurry up mind.
    My paper is empty
    Ideas I must find!

    On a bus again this morning to tour agriculture sites in the area. Loads of fun doing this yesterday! Loved the poems by you and Jane this morning. Here’s my little ditty…written on a bus!!!!

    • Hello, Veda! I saw your review today and loved it! Thank you so much for taking the time. You’re the first, so I hope your review breaks the ice and encourages other readers to follow. Thanks again.

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