Looking toward my 3,000th blog post coming up this summer

Hi everyone,

For what it’s worth, this morning is the 2,961st time I’ve greeted you (in the same way) on my blog since October 2009. According to the stats, I’ve chatted about 861 categories of subjects. Sometimes my thoughts for the day bore you and you skip on to something else. Fair enough of course. And on other occasions I’m delighted when many of you respond. So far this spot has been viewed more than 415,000 times by visitors in 190 countries. The record high views in a single day is 2,698.

Over the years you’ve dreamed with me, encouraged me, informed me, laughed with me, felt sad with me, and celebrated with me. You’ve left your thoughts and questions more than 20,000 times. I’m grateful for the camaraderie we’ve developed over the years and I look forward daily to hearing from those of you who drop by to check out the day’s offering and leave a comment.

According to the stats, I’m 39 posts short of 3,000 so I should hit that number sometime around the end of July or early August. I’ll let you know when it happens.

11 comments on “Looking toward my 3,000th blog post coming up this summer

    • Good morning, my friend. I miss the days when we worked together so it’s a real pleasure when you visit me here. Many thanks. One of my fondest memories was when you got me as the last minute replacement for Laura Busch as the keynote speaker for a national convention. My claim to fame.

  1. Congratulations, love reading the stats, David. I’m about 1000 behind you, heading toward 2000. It’s always a pleasure to read your posts, to celebrate & commiserate, to learn! Thanks for every day!

    • Good morning, Linda! Thank you for all you have contributed over the years with you wise insights and support. You are always appreciated!

    • Wowsa you. Glad you’ve had such an interesting week to kick off the summer. Thanks for doing what you’re doing. Happy Friday to you, dear Su. Hugs

    • Oh yeah, old mountain climbing me. I’d rather fly over them than climb up them, dear heart. I hope you’re working on another fabulous doll for the world to go ga-ga over.

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