Still waking up the sun

Hi everyone,

Yesterday my statement from Random House arrived and I was happy to see that WAKE UP, SUN! sold 6,164 more copies over the last six month reporting period. Its total since it was published nearly 33 years ago in September 1986 is now 1,212,581 copies. Last I knew, three years ago, it was in its 72nd printing making it by far my best selling book in print. I love Hans Wilhelm’s artwork!

A poem from a special friend

Hi everyone,

Yesterday Cory Corrado, our good friend in Canada, posted a poem inspired by this month’s Word of the Month Poetry Challenge word — celebrate. She added that she began writing W.O.M. poems in October 2009 and this new one is her 109th poem “that would not be if not for this challenge.”


It began with a word
One four letter word.
No! Not a “dirty” word―
An earthy, ‘clean” word.
A wholesome down to earth word
An inelegant word
A curt matter of fact word
A no-nonsense-straight-shooting, tell-it-like-it-is word
A “soiled” word.

You guessed it!
The ‘face’ that launched thousands.
YESSS! Thousands . . . more priceless than ships.

Almost ten years!
Something to CELEBRATE
Poetry―W.O.M. style

Seems like yesterday . . .
And it all began
with some very fertile

Cory Corrado (2019) ©
(Thank you, David)

And I thank you, Cory. We met at my first Highlights Foundation poetry workshop in 2011. I love the picture of you on a swing in the yard of the farmhouse where we held the workshop. That was a great group. We’re still in touch with Jeanne Poland, Ken Slesarik, and Joy Acey.
I did five poetry workshops in Honesdale, most recently in 2016, and appeared as a Skype guest for Larry Brimner in 2015. I occasionally wonder if I should offer another one, but my friends, Georgia Heard and Rebecca Dotlich, do a stellar job each year and I doubt that two poetry workshops are needed. I’m glad for the ones I did, though, and have many great friends and memories to treasure.


Hi everyone,

During the storm last night we lost Internet, which I discovered at 6:00 when I reported to work. I hadn’t prepared a post for today so I had to wait until service was returned. That just now happened.

Last night before sleeping I planned what I would do today after posting on the blog so I was able to move ahead quickly to the next item — finishing the review of what Laura Robb and I have done so far in our new collaboration. Laura is a wonderful partner (I’ve been SO blessed with great partners!) and her years of being a scholar, lecturer, and master classroom teacher show clearly in what she says and how she says it. I’ll finish the review by 9:00, share my thoughts with Laura, and move on to the next item on my list — writing 100 words about a small lizard found in Tanzania. I hope to finish that today but may need to complete it tomorrow.

This week looks good. One brief meeting out of the house tomorrow and the rest of the week totally clear. Yes!

My salad days

Hi everyone,
Sandy is a wonderful cook in spite of the towel in the kitchen that avows, “The only reason I have a kitchen is because it came with the house.” Our meals out by the lake all summer are not only romantic and peaceful but scrumptious. (Note to self: use that word more often.)
Son Jeff and son-in-law Tim are the experts in grilling and Jeff has gone on to master a wide variety of wondrous, complicated dishes, which he, with a straight face, insists are easy.

Me? They let me do the salads. Oh I can grill meat, and sometimes people don’t choke on the steak, but mostly they let me do the salads. Sure, I can skin a potato. I can peel corn. I can turn on an oven and set the table and pour stuff. But mostly? They let me do the salads.

Making it work

Hi everyone,

It’s all about timing — and luck of course. Mary Jo Fresch and I have worked for months to finish our manuscript and send it off to our editor for review. If it comes back with tweak requests, we’ll deal with that when the time comes. For now, we can take a break.

At this time I’m working with Laura Robb on our book and we’re about ready with the first three chapters. I hope to read over what we have this weekend or Monday for sure. Once we send those chapters off for review, I’ll work to finish my parts of the next chapter so Laura can develop hers. Etc.

In the meantime I’m doing what I can to peck away at a new poetry collection of my own. In another week or so I hope to have enough to share with my editor for that.

Gotta keep those pie plates up there spinning!