Nice news about The Missouri Reader poetry issue

Hi everyone,

In a chat with Sam Bommarito yesterday (Dr. Sam is co-editor with Glenda Nugent of Missouri Reader and incoming president of Missouri ILA), I learned that “the poetry issue is the official all-time record holder, most readers of a journal we’ve ever published. I’m continuing to promote it. When I write folks about MR I always give them a link to that issue as the example of MR at it’s best.”

He’s talking about the Winter 2019 issue: POETRY: A PATH TO LITERACY (Volume 42/Issue 2) dedicated in large part to discussing children’s poetry and presenting research that supports the uses of poetry in the classroom. I was privileged to write the lead article but there are a number of excellent pieces contributed by authorities such as Mary Jo Fresch and Timothy Rasinski. Here’s the link.

One comment on “Nice news about The Missouri Reader poetry issue

  1. THANKS SO MUCH! Planning to send it out the MLA membership one more time to provide some summer reading. There is a wonderful collection of poetry showcasing Mo. Poets and so many wonderful teaching tips on how to make effective use of poetry in literacy instruction. Glenda and I were so pleased to support you in carrying out this project and so proud of the end product. Thanks so much for the idea AND thanks so much for your longtime support of the Missouri Reader. Best- Sam

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