Back in the wheel

Hi everyone,

Home again! We had a fine time during the last twenty-five days with first the cruise and then the extended stay in Florida with Robin and Jeff. It doesn’t get much better than that! My extra plum was that I came home weighing the same 210 I weighed the day we left. Hooray for that!

Now it’s back to work. This morning I’m in search of an idea for 8th graders that will feature onomatopoeia and personification. Piece of cake? We’ll see. Anyway, welcome home, me.

9 comments on “Back in the wheel

    • Thank you, Su! I’m excited to be home on Goose Lake again. The flowers are gorgeous and the pool is calling my name.

  1. Filling the Bill?

    A Bit of Snake Snark

    Listen, you snake, you are an ache
    with your hush, hiss, haste through the grass.
    I rattle and battle the shivers and shake
    as you snake towards me, alas.

    You slither, I shiver, you creep, I weep,
    I whine and whimper and scream.
    Listen, you snake, you’re a dreadful mistake.
    We make a terrible team.

    ©2019 Jane Yolen all rights reserved

    • Ha ha ha! With your shivering and whimpering and weeping-whining-shaking you make it all worth while my dear to go on with my snaking. XO!

  2. Poor Rattlesnake!

    I’m misunderstood
    (or so I will claim).
    Can’t help that I’m noisy
    And can’t change my name.

    All I desire
    is to snuggle up…
    receive some soft cuddles
    like a fuzzy, soft pup.

    I’m asking too much.
    I won’t get this fun.
    ‘Cause once my tail rattles
    Folks take off and run!

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