Meeting the neighbors

Hi everyone,

You can’t write about a beach if you can’t describe a grain of sand. That’s my corollary for the old adage: the devil is in the details. I can describe Goose Lake in general, give you snapshots of the water, trees, Canadian geese, Mallard ducks, the fin of a grass carp. But that doesn’t really tell you about Goose Lake. It doesn’t get down to the community of small things that live here, spend their lives mostly in private, out of sight, performing whatever duties that nature has prescribed for them. To do that you have to pay attention to details, go in search of the tiny denizens of this beautiful place, those miniature caretakers that tidy up messes and contribute to the food chain. One of my favorite activities is to discover these creatures and tuck them away in my mind for some future need, for instance, if I were to describe Goose Lake to you.

I apologize for the quality of these pictures. Lacking the equipment and patience to take professional pictures, I settle for my outdated smart phone. Where are Ralph Fletcher and Sneed Collard when I need them!