The Word of the Month word for August is . . .

Hi everyone,

Congratulations on another good month of poems inspired by a single word. I haven’t kept track of how many poets and poems have been posted here since we started nearly a decade ago (I delete everything at the end of every month) but I’m sure the total would fill a large book by now. As Cory Corrado mentioned three days ago, she alone has contributed 129 poems over the years.

I always appreciate your offerings and marvel at the variety of approaches that come from one word — everything from humor to pathos, from short to long, biographical to straight-face put-on to science to fiction. I don’t know that we’re proving anything or breaking any new ground. It’s only an exercise in using our imagination, but what fun we’ve had and continue to have.

Since October 2009 we’ve welcomed seasoned poets whose polished work and creativity have provided examples of what to strive for and insights into how to do it. And we’ve seen any number of writers step up to post their first efforts at composing poetry. I’m always excited when brave souls make the decision to show their early poems. I know they love and benefit by the warm support and encouragement so many of you provide to one another. As we’ve mentioned numerous times, this spot in the universe has developed into a community of kind people who enjoy one another’s company and feel safe sharing their work.

So here we are with a new slate to write on. The word for August is QUESTION. Any questions? Let’s do it!