The art of choosing where to build

Hi everyone,

I’ve been enjoying watching a pair of house wrens go about the business of choosing a nest site and raising a family, hidden in plain sight. First, you pick out a pot of bright artificial flowers so your kids will have something pretty to distract them while they wait open-mouthed for mummy and daddy to bring them another bug. Weigh the pros and cons. The pot is nice but it’s awfully close to the path where humans walk around their pool. They’ll be one foot from our kids. It would be like building next to a railroad track. Hmmm

Also, how’s the view? Good neighborhood? Spot any signs of moral turpitude? Do we want our children to grow up in a place like this? Tough call.

Why do I keep thinking I’m being looked at? Is someone spying on us from inside the house? I guess as long as he keeps reading his book I can live with it.
Everything is turning out just fine. The kids are quiet. No one is noticing us flying back and forth dozens of times a day, sneaking into our inner sanctum to feed the kids. We’ve pulled this off!