Who am I?

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I finished my parts of Chapter 4 for the book in progress with Laura Robb. Before starting Chapter 5 I’ll take a couple days off to work on a growing collection of poems I’m working on as time permits. Meanwhile Mary Jo Fresch and I wait for our editor to get back with reviews of our manuscript to see if we need to rework any parts of that.

I have a number of ideas that haven’t been developed, and the temptation is to prioritize them and start focusing on more new projects. But what I plan to do is put everything down for a while, sit still, and think into the future. The market has changed over the last few years. I need to make sure that what I spend my time writing fits into the current picture. No matter how many books you sell, you still have to sell the next one. I’m reminded of the line from Les Misérables when Jean Valjean asks himself, “Who am I?” It’s a haunting question and one worth asking ourselves now and then.