The week at a glance

Hi everyone,

This has been a week of making arrangements. For the record, I haven’t booked anything in years. Sandy takes care of making arrangements and I’m eternally grateful.

We’re set for an upcoming trip to Mexico at Cabo San Lucas. That one’s for play. We haven’t been to Mexico in many years so we look forward to it.

Flights and hotel are booked for New York in October. We’re picking out plays we’d like to try. We’re already seen most of the big ones. I haven’t finished booking visits with editors. I have four so far. One wasn’t available because for her it’s launch week for their spring list and two others haven’t responded yet. I may contact one or two others.

Still don’t have bookings from NYC to Florida to attend the annual owners meeting in our condo association but might get that knocked out today. I’d need to get home from there in time for the Children’s Literature Festival of the Ozarks on the 10th.

Still finalizing plans for a short book tour in the Kansas City area after the festival. Three events are down with others to come.

Flights are booked for the Rochester Children’s Book Festival in November. So happy to be returning to that one.

Hotel reservation and flights are booked for NCTE in November. Hope to see many old friends in Baltimore and make some new ones. Let me know if you plan to be there.

Reservations are made for late December to spend some time at Big Cedar in Branson. Always a great way to wind up the year.

And while we were talking over and making plans I’ve made good progress on a couple of book projects, visited with the aspiring young writer, and been interviewed and photographed for an upcoming article.

Today? Who knows what today will bring? Bring it on!