Bug song

Hi everyone,

Here’s how on online resource describes the leafhopper: “Many species of leafhoppers exist in home gardens throughout North America. Both adults and nymphs feed by puncturing the undersides of leaves and sucking out plant juices. Their toxic saliva causes spotting (white specks), yellowing, leaf curling, stunting and distortion of plants. They are also responsible for transmitting the organisms causing virus diseases in plants. Common host plants include beans, corn, lettuce, beets, potato, grapes, roses and many others.”
This is what a leafhopper looks like:

And here is a more fanciful contemplation of this well camouflaged little pest:

Song of the Leafhopper

Now you see me,
now you don’t,
hiding here in plain sight.
Come too close I’ll take flight.
Think you’ll catch me?
You won’t.
I’m too quick
for clumsy you.
I’ll have my way with sweet plant.
Think you’ll stop me?
You can’t.
This is what
I’m built to do.