Four in 2020

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I finished tweaking on a picture book that’s coming out next summer. The artwork is essentially complete so I think we’re on schedule. 2020 will be a good year. I’ll have four new books out, one from each of four publishers. In addition to the picture book there will be a collection of poetry that I’m excited about plus two books for classroom teachers. A number of ideas that interest me are waiting in line but I’m not likely to have time to play with them before December. I need a day stretcher.

3 comments on “Four in 2020

    • Hmm. You raise excellent questions, dear Jeanne. My slacks with the built-in elastic band are handling the personal stretching so I’ll go with stretching the day longitudinally. How’s that?

  1. I need some “stretchers” as well – could you please tell me how to order some?? LOL! I could also use some “patience stretchers” as the new school year begins and I start substitute teaching again! Ha!

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