Me smiling

Hi everyone,
Picture by Nathan Papes/Springfield News-Leader

My thanks to Springfield News-Leader and journalist Juliana Goodwin for featuring me as part of my 50th anniversary celebration.
For those of you who take the News-Leader, the story will be printed in Sunday’s edition.

8 comments on “Me smiling

    • Thank you, Sandy! Speaking of old, I be that. But on we march, you, me, Jesse, Grace, the kids in Homework, and all the other characters we’ve known. Love and XOs.

  1. What a fantastic article. And, as Sandy Asher stated above…I stand in awe. Your story is an inspiration!

  2. Thank you for sharing with us so we can get to know you a little better – I never knew the history / backstory. Like others above i stand in awe as i continue to accumulate those rejection letters… I’m a late starter, my first book came out 15 years ago when i was 49… have written some articles and a regular food column, a cookbook, my mother’s memoir, and 2 poetry chapbooks but have still to get a children’s book (or magazine piece) published…

    • Hi, Yvona. I’m glad you like the story. We all have our own tales to tell and I’m grateful that I had a terrific journalist to help me tell mine. Good luck with your continued success as a writer. Hope that first acceptance for a children’s book is due any time!

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