Something About the Author

Hi everyone,

I’ve received a new update to the information published about me in SOMETHING ABOUT THE AUTHOR. A complete redo of older articles came out last year in Volume 318 so there wasn’t a lot for the research writer to do but essentially add what has happened recently. The piece runs a dozen pages and includes all of my books, including 11 I wrote using the pen name Kennon Graham, several pages of reviews, and another page and a half of biographical and critical sources. I’m asked to respond to several questions: —What first got you interested in writing?
—Who or what particularly influences your work?
—Describe your writing process.
—What is the most surprising thing you have learned as a writer?
—Which of your books is your favorite and why?
—What kind of effect do you hope your books will have?
This article will come out in Volume 348. I’m not sure what year that will be. I’ll let you know when it comes out one of these days.