Coming in 2020

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I got a peek at the full digital copy of my next book, a partnership with Jane Yolen that got its start here on the blog. It was one of those days when I posted something that amused Jane, who responded in kind, to which I answered, etc. until we took our game off-line and turned our play into a book. I can’t show you any of the wonderful art by Anjan Sarkar, but I’m delighted by the whole thing and look forward to seeing this one in print come April or so of next year.

21 comments on “Coming in 2020

    • I’m sorry, Mary Nida. Our publisher is quite cautious about showing anything before the book comes out. I had to promise to review my copy and then delete it! My agent has never been allowed to announce it. All very hush-hush.

      • Okay, that’s true. But who doesn’t like a little challenge now and then? Maybe the tech gurus can imagine it. I was once on the cover of a magazine with a small boy who wasn’t there. They copied his picture from something else. And Renee La Tulippe and I did a Halloween video together with her in Italy and me in Missouri. Just saying.

  1. Maybe you could take turns reading a page? Or both read the same poem, but in a different way. These could be put together in the same video. I bet Jeff could figure this out. (Kids love the Halloween video, David.)

    • Thanks, Su. If anything comes from this I’ll let you know. Jane and I wrote many of the episodes in the story sequentially so it might work for us to read that way too.

  2. I remember when you two were first discussing the possibility – so congratulations! I know Jane has said that collaborations are “twice the work and half the pay,” but they are still very enjoyable projects to undertake!

    • Thanks, Matt. I rarely collaborate on trade books but have worked with others on all of my education titles. It’s a gift to find a good partner.

    • Thank you, Yvona. The new one is actually a picture book in prose but Jane and I have other collaborations, some in verse, being read by editors, so fingers crossed for another title one of these days.

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