Blooming toward fall

Hi everyone,

Has this been a good year for blooming plants where you live? Ours has been so sensational we’re already dreading the end of the season and trying to decide which plants we can save and how. The hibiscus have grown so much during this second summer we don’t know how we’re going to fit them into the breakfast room again but we’re determined to try. The geraniums, at least some of them, need to be saved. Maybe we’ll try that trick of hanging them upside down in the garage and maybe this time we’ll remember to water them during the winter. A pair of palms are headed for the dining room. The coleus may have to fend for themselves, same as last winter. We thought they had died but this spring they suddenly came out of the soil bigger and better than ever. We have thirty plants in pots around the patio this year. They are thirsty all the time but they have repaid us handsomely. Does anyone else take plants in for the winter?

8 comments on “Blooming toward fall

  1. Thank you for sharing your garden with us, David. This hasn’t been a great year for flowers for us–too many cool, cloudy days and too much rain, I guess. Maybe next year.

  2. My geraniums look the same
    And my petunias and begonia are still going in glory!
    Gave them lots of Miracle Grow and pruned all the dead heads daily. Rewarded with many flowers.
    Indoors, I have orchids, 4 colors of Christmas cactus and many cacti I brought home from Sedona, AZ. They travel well by plane but morph into New England succulents. The purple ones turn green! And grow many many babies! These days the bees are pollinating like crazy! What fun to share!!!

    • Our petunias and begonias are still going strong, too, Jeanne. What a glorious year this has been. We have no cacti but do have a row of orchid in pots along the kitchen windowsill. They thrive there on three ice cubes each Saturday and lots of morning sun. I’m jealous of your bees. We have seen fewer and fewer bees over the last few years and I grieve about their future. Next year I want to set out more bee-friendly plants.

  3. Your patio is glorious!!

    I’m planning to leave our potted pine tree on the front porch this winter. It’s just too big to drag inside. Will fertilize it well, and add a thick layer of mulch on the top of the soil. Hopefully, this will keep it safe until spring.

    Happy Monday!

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