A way to win some of my books

Hi everyone,
Picture by Nathan Papes/Springfield News-Leader
My thanks to webmaster Kathy Temean for featuring me on her blog to help celebrate my 50th anniversary as a children’s author. Here’s the link. https://kathytemean.wordpress.com/2019/09/17/special-opportunity-celebrate-the-50th-anniversary-of-david-l-harrsions-childrens-writing-career/#comments
Kathy explains how you can sign up to win some of my books so I hope you’ll take a few minutes to check it out. Kathy also has me writing a note about my school visits that will be posted before long. So stay tuned to Kathy!

8 comments on “A way to win some of my books

  1. This is a fun way to start the day!
    Off to 2nd grade for the morning. Then maybe a nap. Five o’clock came way too early today! Ha!

    • Ha. You’ll be ready for a nap after herding 2nd graders all day. I’m getting ready to write a pumpkin poem for kindergarteners. Let’s wish each other luck!

      • I was rewarded for getting up so early today! Saw a beautiful sunrise and listened to the coyotes sing a good morning song!

      • I am jealous! Best I can do is mention the barred owl that called from a hackberry tree the other night when we were sitting on the patio. From only a few feet away it sounded loud!

  2. Thank you David. I found Kathy’s post a little confusing – not the actual post about your life & career (which is great) but all the stuff at the top and understanding what one has to do to be in the running to win a copy of your book(s). I thnk what was confusing was all the books on the top with the links to the books. Do i leave a comment on Kathy’s blog (well i did ’cause it was a great blog) or on each of the links (which says book giveaway) – or are those old giveaways from when those books came out?

    • Thank you, Yvona. I think the references under the book covers are for previously promoted titles. Here’s the main information for now: David is giving away two books AND THE BULLFROG SINGS and A PLACE TO START A FAMILY to one lucky winner who leaves a comment and follows Writing and Illustrating, extra points if you follow or sign up to follow David’s blog or re-post this on twitter/facebook/or you own blog.

      On top of that anyone who initiates a school visit from David will receive a collection of David’s books – NOW YOU SEE THEM, NOW YOU DON’T; A PLACE TO START A FAMILY; AND THE BULLFROG SINGS; CRAWLEY SCHOOL FOR BUGS; plus two teacher books: 7 KEYS TO RESEARCH FOR WRITING SUCCESS and RHYMES FOR THE TIMES. In addition, that person will be able to choose one of the books listed for their own library.

  3. Thank you. Well i did that (left a comment) and i can share on fb & tweet. I already follow your blog. I don’t think you’d want to come up to the Northern Adirondacks for a school visit – too far!

    • Where there’s a budget there’s a way, Yvona. (:>
      Last time I was in the Adirondacks it was to speak at a literacy conference in 1993. Maybe it’s time to return to the area.

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