Where bones of my wits will lie at peace

Hi everyone,

The boxes of my papers recently placed on a 10-year loan to the Meyer Library on the campus of Missouri State University in Springfield have been processed and are now available for students and others interested in looking through some of my work. Should anyone want to find them, the collection number is M131, Dates 1972-2018. I don’t believe the Finders Aid is online yet but will let you know if it becomes available. At some point not far off there will be a video interview and an audio interview of me talking about my work placed with the collections.

The bulk of my earlier papers are archived in 37 boxes and 4 binders in the Philip A. Sadler Research Collection of Literature for Children and Young Adults housed in the James C. Kirkpatrick Library at University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg. Here’s a link to the collection.

2 comments on “Where bones of my wits will lie at peace

    • Hi, Joy. They might. I don’t necessarily hear from those who choose to work through my documents. Maybe it’s better that way. It leaves me free to imagine all sorts of activity in my files!

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