About Word of the Month and New York

Hi everyone,

Today and tomorrow I’ll either be visiting with editors or sitting in theaters or maxing my credit card in restaurants without a “Mc” in their names or simply following my M.O.W. in and out of wherever she says I want to go. On Tuesday we bought sandwiches, chips, and tea at a Whole Foods store on Avenue of the Americas and ate them at a sunny table across the street in Bryant Park.

We stopped in the NYC Public Library where the kind librarian pulled out several of my books in stock and asked me to sign them. We talked about the possibility of my making a presentation sometime next spring or summer when I’ll have two new books in stores.

From there we shopped for Sandy and she found a skirt she’ll look fantastic wearing. Then we stopped at a Barnes & Noble where I signed all my books they had in stock and started the process of agreeing on a signing time next year that might line up with a library talk.

Back to Word of the Month. I’ll take care of cleaning out the September poems posted on Word of the Month when we get home. For now, please allow a little slack for my slovenliness. Forgot to mention that my sweetie got a kick out of seeing one of her old students on the side of a bus outside the library.

4 comments on “About Word of the Month and New York

  1. Sounds like you’re both having a great time! Yay!
    And thanks for the picture of the bus. I was worried her former student had been struck by the bus! LOL! (Whew! I need some more sleep!)

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