Arranging priorities

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was a good day for finding ideas. The first came while watching a taped segment of Saturday Night Live. It’s not really an idea for a story but a way to tell a story that appealed to me. I’ve tucked it away until I think of a way to use it. The second came from reading the newspaper. I think I’ll get a book going based on that one. Earlier in the week I was reading about a subject I’m working on with Charles Ghigna and stumbled across a somewhat related idea that also appeals to me.

I don’t know when I’m going to have time for any of these new thoughts. I still have one that came from kidding around with Jeff last time we were in Florida together. Jane Yolen and I have the beginning of a collaboration waiting for us to both have time to finish. On the flights to and from New York I decided to rewrite my middle grade novel with a desert setting and know how I’m going to do it so I’m eager to get back to that one. I still have a few poems and texts to write for my book with Laura Robb and any day now Mary Jo Fresch and I should hear back from our editor and learn how much tweaking, if any, he’s going to ask us to do.

Over the next few weeks I have a lot of traveling to do so it’s going to be hard to put together a lot of time in useful blocks. Writing on planes is never as practical as sitting here at the keyboard in my pajamas. Sooner or later I’ll get to all these priorities but for now I’m struggling to put them in the best order.

9 comments on “Arranging priorities

  1. LOL!! I have to agree with Sandy on the PJ thing, David!!

    Have a great week, and things will fall in place, I’m sure. Good luck with the desert story. I’m “all eyes” when you get it finished

  2. I have so many ideas, brewing, steaming, dancing around. It is so good to have many to choose from. Glad you are home safe. Where/when might we share our apple poems? I’ve got one!

    • Hi, Linda! If I don’t make time before long to write my apple poem, it may have already turned into hard cider! I’ll do my best but it may still be a while before I can get to it. Thanks for the nudge! Glad you have yours finished.

  3. Too bad you have such a dearth of possibilities…. Sigh. I’m dealing right now with having time for all the research my current novel requires. More of that than the writing for the moment…but this morning, at least, was all writing.

    • Thanks, Stef. Don’t you sometimes feel like we ride like the tides, washing in and out of action? It’s either too much or too little. I guess that averages about right?

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