I didn’t mean to hang her

Hi everyone,

Two days ago we ate lunch at Great Southern in Seaside, Florida. It’s one of Jeff’s favorite places when he’s there so to taunt him I took some quick pictures to send him. I didn’t realize that I had hanged an innocent women from the cord of the umbrella by our table. It was Jeff who pointed our my terrible act!
I’m pleased to report that the lady finished her lunch and left without ever knowing how close she had come to catastrophe.

My Word of the Month poem for October

Hi everyone,

Here’s my apple-inspired poem for October.

Ada Ate an Apple Seed

Ada ate an apple seed I
told her not to do it but she
grinned and shrugged my warning off and
basically pooh-poohed it well you
know what happened after that a
leaf grew out her nose and then some
branches sprouted from her ears and
roots shot out her toes and Ada’s
knees grew trunks and trunks grew limbs her
hair filled up with nests along with
caterpillars beetles and a
million other pests and soon the
limbs grew buds that blossomed and
perfumed the springtime air of course the
honeybees and hummingbirds were
buzzing everywhere which meant in
fall she’d have a bumper crop but
Ada’s joy grew dimmer when the
only one who’d do her hair was
Tom the Green Hedge Trimmer.

(c) 2019 David L. Harrison, all rights and seeds reserved