Word of the Day word, from Rochester

Hi everyone,

Greetings from Rochester Children’s Book Festival. I arrived yesterday after a long day trying to get American Airlines to fly me from Chicago on the second leg of the trip. After changing gates twice (involving long hikes to opposite ends of the terminal) and a lot of delays, I made it and saw some incredible clouds along the way.

Last night I enjoyed a wonderful dinner among many of the other guest authors and artists who were here. And today the peeps come to buy books, talk to authors, and listen to book talks. It promises to be another great day.

All of which explains why I didn’t get November’s Word of the Month word published on time. Don’t think about that excuse too long. It may not hold up. Anyway, the new word is HACK — not a pleasant sounding word but one with multiple meanings that should cough up some fun poems. Go!