The price is paid

Hi everyone,

The mounded heaps,
the teetering piles —
gone, banished,
back to the files.

The desks are clear,
sanitized, clean,
work gone, nevermore
to be seen.

The price is paid,
the stacks unstacked,
but how I miss
my desks unhacked.

(c) 2019 David L. Harrison, all rights reserved

8 comments on “The price is paid

  1. The piles are gone,
    the desk is clean.
    It’s neater than
    I’ve ever seen!

    Does not feel right,
    without my mess.
    Will work get done?
    I’ll let you guess!

    Happy Friday, David! I’m off to teach in art class today! Fun stuff!

    • Welcome to my tidy office, Su. Sorry you can’t stay but duty calls. Have fun today filling those eager young minds with art!

  2. Once I Tidied Up…

    I found four books,
    five mugs, nine pens,
    some eyeglass frames
    (without the lens),
    six pencils sporting
    broken leads,
    and two dolls missing
    both their heads.

    I came across
    three long-lost hats,
    a family
    of seven cats,
    and once my space
    was less grotesque –
    I found my desk!

    -MF Esenwine

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