Lovely things can grow from seeds

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago Terrell Young, who is a professor of children’s literature at Brigham Young University, asked if I had a pumpkin poem in my files suitable for kindergarten children. I did not but told him I would write one. I sent the result to Terrell who then shared it with Amy White, who teaches kindergarten at the BYU Lab School, and Amy shared it with her children.

I love the pictures Amy sent of the kids acting out actions described in the poem.

With Amy’s help, the students made a poster-card to send me, which of course I found to be utterly charming. The poster arrived yesterday so here I am beaming like I just swallowed a mouse. Thank you, kids!

6 comments on “Lovely things can grow from seeds

    • Hey, good friend! I’ve never been part of a pumpkin pie simile. Closest I ever got was a cow pie. Wow. This give me new status. Thanks!

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