I wish you

Hi everyone,

I wish you
solitude without loneliness,
sadness in right measure
to make joy taste sweet,
love enough to smile
when you’re alone,
success that doesn’t come easy,
and belief in your heart each morning,
“This is the day.”

Happy New Year!

Maybe a few more days off

Hi everyone,

I sat down to post something this morning and realized it makes more sense to extend my break a few extra days than to post at this busy time. I know you’ll understand.

See you right after the first with the first Word of the Month Poetry Challenge word for 2020. Until then, be kind to yourselves. I’ve loved your responses throughout 2019 to my posts, poems, and musings. I look forward to learning what the new year has in store for us.

With affection to all,


Small holiday break

Hi everyone,

I’m taking a break from posting for the next couple of days or so. I checked the rule book and learned that setting the table and picking up in my office have higher priorities for now.

I’ll be back soon. Until then, celebrate this special time of year in ways that mean the most to you.


Limbo time

Hi everyone,

This time of year there’s not much shaking in the publishing world. Too many loose ends to tie up. Editors are not reading, much less taking on anything new. Agents stop submitting and draw up game plans for the coming year.

Some writers take a break too. Others take advantage of the distraction-free environment to move ahead with their projects. I fall into the latter category. I’ve thought about taking a break, but in the end I surrender to the siren call. Granted I won’t get as much done over the next week, and I forgive myself in advance if my habits get a little sloppy, but one way or another I’ll show up for work to see what happens.

I wish you all a warm, love-filled holiday season.

It’s all over but the writing

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I finished outlining the collection of poems I’m working on. At this point I have looked at 30 subjects and selected 15 to write about based on geographic distribution, type, and other pertinent criteria. I have enough notes to proceed although I’ll want more before the project is completed.

For now I have a page by page outline of what to do. Next step is to begin at the top and write the book. I don’t know how long this will take but I know exactly where I’m going. It’s a good place to be and I’m excited.