Word of the Month word for December

Hi everyone,

Sorry I didn’t get our new word posted yesterday. We were moving around a bit and I lost track of the date. Cory, have we used BLUE yet? I don’t have the master list you sent me with me. If we’ve used it before, I hope it wasn’t recently. Either way it’s a good word filled with ideas.

Off we go, into the wild _____ yonder!

7 comments on “Word of the Month word for December

  1. Deep Blue

    Not so much a moment
    or an ocean, or your eyes
    when you are thinking,
    or untying the knots
    of a long life,
    but the shine of desire
    for me or chocolate
    or a fine wine,
    or a funny story
    you forgot to tell me
    until just now,
    that deep blue
    of your voice,
    as we climb the mountain
    of old friendship
    and turn it into something more.

    ©2019 Jane Yolen all rights reserved


    Drop of violet
    tints light blue
    into my favorite color,

    softening bright into lush,
    song into lullaby.

    Not a color for hard, like canvas or ice,
    or even saddles or shovels,
    rocks or bricks

    but soft, for picture books and poetry,
    soft couches and cuddles,
    drop of violet tinting blue.

  3. Hello David. I don’t know if I can reply to blogs this way, but it’s to you personally, not for everyone. I think I must put in my poems in the wrong place, or something, because I’ve got in three I think, and you’ve never mentioned any of them. I’ve just put them under ‘comment’ on the WOM page, which is how I interpret your instructions. The last one, and it was weeks ago I sent it, was ‘Blue Stocking’. Anyway I’m glad I wrote it – it needed to be expressed. But please tell me if you receive them or if I am doing something stupid with them. Regards, Virginia Dr Virginia Lowe Create a Kids’ Book createakidsbook.com.au PO Box 2, Ormond Victoria 3204 ph: 03 9578 5689 mob: 0400 488 100 Stories, Pictures and Reality: Two children tell (Routledge 2007) Lines Between Virginia and John Lowe (Melbourne Poets Union 2018) Description: Description: Lines Between front cover

    • Dear Virginia,
      You are putting your poems in the right place if you’re posting them under the Word of the Month (Adult W.O.M. Poems) box. Forgive me for any confusion you may have experienced. I always read and enjoy the poems posted but rarely make comments on them. Others do leave their thoughts and I read those too. My time to tend to the blog is limited and a lot comes in each month so over the years I’ve learned to restrict most of my comments to the “front page” of the blog, which is this one we’re on now. You’ll always receive a response from me here.
      I’m delighted that you have joined us and apologize for any frustration my system has caused you. Please keep your poems and comments coming! With warm wishes, David

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