Thinking about my sister

Hi everyone,

Today would have been Jule Lynn (Harrison) Egleston’s 67th birthday. She died April 17, 2018 of pancreatic cancer. Here’s the last picture I have of us together. It was taken at my birthday party last year, barely more than a month before she died.

When my sweet sister was a little girl, her bedroom was next to mine. She played her two favorite records endlessly: “Yipes, Yipes, I’ve Lost My Yellow Stripes!” and “Yah, Yah, Your Carrots Won’t Come Up.” They used to drive me nuts. Now I would give anything to hear them again, if she was the one playing them.

The first children’s story I sold, the one that paid me $5.07, was titled, “Jule Learns to Ride.” I think she liked it when I chose to use her name as my heroine.

Rest well, little sister. I love you always.