A new gift from a fading page

Hi everyone,

Here as promised is my Word of the Month Poetry Challenge poem.

Gift from an Old Journal

My mother spotted it,
partly obscured by
green grass beside the walk,
brought it to me
still violet blue in death.
“You probably have a lot of these.”

Thrilled the way I used to be
by magic capes and decoding rings,
hardly believing my good fortune,
I cradled the fragile wisp in my hand —
the new star of my collection.

Gazing now at the careful entry,
the fragile page in my first journal —
my 12-year-old self,
my mother,
the rare blue butterfly —
gather to me once more for a joyful moment.

(c) 2019 David L. Harrison, all rights reserved

18 comments on “A new gift from a fading page

  1. My thanks to all. Funny how a single word of four letters can hold so many stories. I love this monthly exercise. Too bad we have no young poets participating anymore. I used to look forward to their entries.

    • Thank you, Linda. I treasure my old journal. It’s filled with my thoughts and (insect) conquests during my fevered collecting days.

    • Don’t you love rereading old journals, Karen? Sometimes I wonder who that person was who wrote such cryptic notes about subjects I don’t even recall.

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