Google exaggerates!

Hi everyone,

Do the fine computers at Google Maps Timeline sometimes inform you of places you’ve been — cities, restaurants, sites — and how far you’ve traveled? Why do they do that? And if they’re going to insist on providing such information, I wish they would get it right. For example. Here’s what popped up yesterday.

In November I visited 10 cities and 38 places. The claim is that these included Baltimore, Rochester, Portland, Cannon Beach, Lewis and Clark National Historical Park, The Wayfarer Restaurant and Lounge, Chiapparelli’s Restaurant, Victor, Fishers, Victor, and Brighton. I admit to some of these but not all, and I can think of some they left off. They go on to declare that so far this year I’ve traveled 54,401 miles which, they claim, would take me around the world 2.19 times. I beg to differ! By our calculations, we will only have traveled 31,261 miles by year end. Assuming the circumference of Earth is 24,901 miles, that’s only 1.26 times around the world. They need to get this right, people!