Tidings from Goose Lake

Hi everyone,

The year begins with a beautiful day on Goose Lake. In the past few days we’ve been visited by a bald eagle and more than a dozen black vultures. Geese leave for the fields each morning and return at dusk to report the day’s events. Ducks fly here and there pretending to be on official business. Finches and sparrows are at the feeders. The sun scatters patches of diamonds across the water. I am at peace.

8 comments on “Tidings from Goose Lake

  1. How beautiful. Our lakes are fcovered in ice; the ducks and geese and loons have flown to their winter habitats. It has been warmer than usual, with snow not sticking around long and ice and freezing rain taking its place. Microspike weather. In fact as soon as i eat lunch i will be heading out for a walk with our two senior dogs on our trails, i’ll be sure to wear my microspikes.

    • Yvona, sorry to fall behind in responding. I hope you and the dogs enjoyed getting out for some fresh air and a good walk. We took a short walk yesterday, just around the block where we live. It was 55 degrees and sunny so it wasn’t much of a challenge.

  2. It sounds perfectly divine! Perhaps you should join in Your Big Year and log the birds you see along with the many who are doing so through the Springfield Conservation Nature Center’s initiative. Not only is it fun and educational, it will help the many birds who are currently losing their battle of survival.



    • Hi, Janine. I love birds but don’t claim to be much of an expert on identifying some of them. Juli Mosely, who lives across the lake from us, is probably a far better candidate than I.

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