Let’s do it

Hi everyone,

Okay, first week of 2020 out of the way. Time for the publishing world to wake up, stretch, and get back to work after taking a nice long break during the holidays. The problem with having no editors to play with for several weeks is that a writer still keeps getting ideas, still keeps scratching out notes, still manages to jot a few lines here and there, until a backlog builds up like high water behind a dam.

Eventually the editors return to their routine but by that time a writer’s world is a mess. What comes next? What to work on after that? Where did I leave that thing I started in October? It had some promise. That’s what I’m doing now — working through the logjam of possibilities, sorting and reprioritizing. I don’t think I’m wasting my time, but some days I wonder what I managed to accomplish. It’s all part of the process. What a life!