Rhyme your way out of this one

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I started a new poem for the collection I mentioned. To make it more interesting I chose a model with three 6-line Scupham stanzas, which is a poem with the same number of syllables in each line (isosyllabic) and a rhyme pattern of a-b-c-c-b-a. Talk about a challenge! I got through the first draft of the first stanza. Now comes the fun part — doing two more stanzas that will finish telling the story I want to tell. Hey, if we can’t have a little fun now and then, what’s the point?

23 comments on “Rhyme your way out of this one

    • Good catch. What I meant — and didn’t type correctly — but now have — is Scupham stanzas. Sorry for my error and the confusion!

    • Good morning, Janice. Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. I love trying new forms or ones I haven’t done in a while. This one has some flexibility in that the poet gets to choose the number of syllables in the lines.

  1. WOW! I passed this on to Barb. L. I never heard of the form. And I thought I was being adventurous with Fibonacci poems!

    • Hi, Tina. Thanks for passing the form along to Barb. Tell her hello for me. And I wish both of you continued success in your own work.

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  3. A little late but i must join the fun!
    On this blank page
    Thoughts ebb and flow
    I’ve just begun!
    It’s so much fun!
    Don’t tell. Do show.
    enrich, engage,

    Send out, submit
    my words refined.
    They will take flight.
    With all my might
    I’ll seek and find
    That perfect fit.

  4. and one more
    Beam strong! Burn bright!
    Shine from above!
    Let my life glow!
    Let God’s love show!
    Send God’s pure love
    Into the night.

  5. David, what a fun model of writing that is challenging indeed, especially when you write three stanzas in your new Scupham format. I’m giving it a try for Poetry Friday today with credit to you and Matt Forrest Esenwine for making me aware of your poetic form.

      • Good morning, Carol, and thank you for coming over today. I started my poem on the 14th. I managed to finish the opening stanza and a draft of the second before I had to pull off to attend to other matters. I still haven’t gotten back to the poem and don’t know when I can. Since then I’ve been pulled in several directions so the Scupham poem must go on waiting. Good luck with yours.

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