Seeing some customers

Hi everyone,

I had fun yesterday afternoon visiting the combined classes of 1st grade students at Rountree Elementary School in Springfield. The kids were familiar with three of my books and with teachers’ help had prepared questions to ask me. I got lots of hugs and bright smiles and excellent questions. A lovely way to spend a while and get the new year off to a good start. Sandy attended Rountree, our daughter Robin went there, too, and an aunt and uncle lived a block away, so I have a soft spot for that school.

Next week I’ll be at David Harrison Elementary talking to 4th graders. I sort of have a soft spot for that school too!

4 comments on “Seeing some customers

  1. I’m sure the children love your visits. I taught language arts for 30 years at the elementary level and used picture books to teach story structure. Even my 6th graders loved that. Now why would you have a soft spot for David Harrison Elementary School? 🙂

    • That’s a long time to teach, Pamela. I admire you for all those young lives you enriched. As for why I’m soft on DHE, it’s a mystery!

  2. You are a “magnet” for kids, David…they just love you! (as they should!) I can just imagine some of the questions they might ask you…and your smile when you answer!

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