Change of plans

Hi everyone,

My priorities have shifted after a conference call yesterday with my co-author Laura Robb and our editor at Corwin, Tori Bachman. We now have our final marching orders straight and a firm deadline of February 7 to finish our manuscript. For me that means three more poems and two 500-word essays, each on a different subject. Between now and 2/7 I’ll have some travel time and other commitments so the schedule I made two days ago is no longer possible. To tell the truth, I haven’t written one word in the last two days anyway because of other work that popped up, not the least of which has involved long exchanges with my new agent about setting priorities for what goes out next and for future work to submit. I know this isn’t very exciting news but for now it’s all I’ve got.

6 comments on “Change of plans

  1. Your post reminds me of the word “flexible” and a story that happened many years ago…
    A young boy walked into my classroom, telling me that he was very flexible. I jumped on this moment, and complimented him for being easy-going and able to deal with changes in our schedule so easily.
    He looked at me quite seriously and said, “Not that kind of flexible. I mean I can put my ankle around my neck.”
    Stay flexible, friend! LOL!!

    PS – and please tell Laura that I said hello!

    • Thanks for the smile, Su, and the reminder of how many meanings may be tucked away in a word! I’ll send your regards to Laura. Hugs

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