Goose Lake, January 24, 2020

Hi everyone,

Another winter morning,
another leaden sky,
geese float like decoys
without the will to fly.
Gray is in the water,
gray is here to stay,
another winter morning,
another winter day.

21 comments on “Goose Lake, January 24, 2020

  1. The beauty and serenity of your photo belies the gray mood of the poem. We are having gray days, too, but spring will come!

    • Thanks, Jane. I had just come in from getting the paper. Maybe I should have had my coffee and warmed up before writing the poem! (:>

  2. Winter Day

    It’s winter on the water
    No waves, it’s cloudy gray.
    The geese are sadly quiet –
    don’t like this type of day.

    Hang in there friends, spring’s coming!
    New life will grow and rise!
    But for today we shudder
    At gray before our eyes.

  3. Lovely poem. This time of year, without the noise of summer is a good time to write. I am planning to read your poems from After Dark at a story time at our local library next week in preparation for the blog tour. If I have questions for you I’ll send them in next few days. Just a few. I know you are busy.

    • Janice, that’s so good to hear. I’ll be eager to learn of your students’ responses to the poems. Thank you for doing this!

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