Thoughts from the kitchen

Hi everyone,

Two thoughts when I saw this. One, what did the onion think it was doing? It was never going to be an orchid and it was foolish to try.

My second was, good for the onion. It didn’t have to be an orchid. I was a splendid onion!

13 comments on “Thoughts from the kitchen

  1. An onion or an orchid,
    Which will I be today?
    A globe that’s strong and steady,
    Or pretty all the day?

    Today I sub in 3rd grade,
    I think my answer’s found.
    With hopes to make the last bell,
    I think I will be “round.”

    • Ha! Well those kids will be impressed when you tell them you’ve already written and published a poem this morning! Onward and upward with hugs.

      • I was in this class on Friday, as well. Not a bad group…just some very active boys! Can you guess the name of the one that really gave me a run for my money? It starts with a “D.” LOL!!! (Good kiddo – just “testing” the sub.)

    • Hi there, Hollie! I’m happy you came by today. And when we can start a Monday by smiling at an onion, you just know it’s going to be a good week!

  2. Last year I helped my neighbor pick produce in his garden. Onions impress me. They sit on top of the soil like they’re scared of nothing and get fatter and fatter every day. When they’re ripe you just pick them up from their rows as they sit there.

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