Off to a great start

Hi everyone,

My thanks to Kathy Temean for going first in my blog tour to introduce AFTER DARK. The day went well and we have had a lot of visitors to her blog. A new post is up today but it’s not too late to go there and leave a comment to get on the list of names to be drawn for a free copy.

Tomorrow we move on to the 2nd stop on the tour and I hope you’ll go check it out. My thanks in advance to Carol Varsalona at Beyond LiteracyLink at

No two stops on the tour are alike and each blog host has his/her own following so I’m excited about that. Don’t forget you can use the hashtag #AfterDarkBookTour anytime during the tour. Also, you can order copies now even though they won’t be shipped until February 25. I’m told that Amazon rules these days require that people who want to leave a comment must have purchased an online copy. I don’t think that’s fair if it’s true. Does anyone know for sure?

2 comments on “Off to a great start

  1. I have a question – this is your 96th book… but not all your books are poetry. How many poetry books have you written?
    To answer your quesiton – I have reviewed books on Amazon that i’ve read from the library, so that’s not true. Unless it’s changed. So far i haven’t been told my review was rejected. And i buy books not always on Amazon but often through my local bookstore – unless i can get them used on Amazon, or the prime rate is a LOT less than the cover price… one time i could get the book on Amazon for 1/3 less than at my bookstore… it’s hard for local shops to compete with big business!

    • Greetings, Yvona! I believe that AFTER DARK is my 20th book of poetry. In addition, I’ve co-written seven education books (with two more coming this year) in which I’ve written all the poetry in each book. Another trade book of poems is due out next year with Holiday House.
      Thank you for your helpful response to the online review question.

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