Blog tour #5 and ILA news

Hi everyone,

Today I’m grateful to Linda Baie for hosting the 5th stop on the blog tour to introduce AFTER DARK at TEACHER DANCE
I’m grateful to all who are visiting the tour each day and especially those kind souls who are hosting. I’m loving every stop along the way!

Elsewhere, I’m happy to report the institute that Mary Jo Fresch proposed for ILA in October has been accepted. This year’s conference will be held in Columbus, Ohio and I’m looking forward to participating in the all-day event. Here are the title and lineup of presenters. Thank you, Mary Jo!

Best practices in literacy instruction: A day with experts who will transform your teaching

Mary Jo Fresch
The Ohio State University
Dublin, OH
Ruth Culham
The Culham Writing Company
Beaverton, OR
Michael Ford
University of Wisconsin
Oshkosh, WI
David L. Harrison
Drury University
Springfield, MO
Lester Laminack
Western Carolina University
Dillsboro, NC
Lori Oczkus
Indpendent Literacy Consultant and Coach
Reno, NV
Gay Su Pinnell
The Ohio State University
Dublin, OH
Timothy Rasinski
Kent State University
Kent, OH
Laura Robb
Johnson Williams Middle School
Berryville, VA
Jerry Zutell
The Ohio State University
Grove City, OH

If you have plans to attend ILA this year or know of someone who might, I hope you’ll consider signing up for our institute and/or sharing the information with others!

4 comments on “Blog tour #5 and ILA news

    • Heck yeah! Mary Jo did a super job of putting this all together. I look forward to working with these fine folks. A couple I don’t know so it will be nice to meet them. The rest of friends that I look forward to seeing again.

  1. I miss going to those conferences, always so much learning and excitement about literacy! My post is up, David, a joy to write. Thanks for the opportunity!

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